You are being asked to consent to use electronic signatures in order to sign documents necessary to enroll as a participating dealer in the Credit Acceptance Corporation ("Credit Acceptance") program. This e-Sign Consent contains important information that You are entitled to receive before You consent to use electronic signatures.

  • Discloses certain information to You that is required to be provided to You before obtaining Your consent to sign Enrollment Documents using Your electronic signature (e-signature).
  • Elicits Your consent to use e-signatures to sign Enrollment Documents.
  • In this e-Sign Consent, the following definitions apply: "You" and "Your" mean the person consenting to this e-Sign Consent. Signature Service" means the eOriginal SmartSign® Web Signature Service You will use to affix Your e-signatures to the Documents. "Enrollment Documents" means the documents or forms that will be presented to You for e-signature in the Signature Service.
  • Complying with all instructions for use in this e-Sign Consent and those displayed on the Signature Service.
  • Reading each Enrollment Document displayed within the Signature Service fully and carefully.
  • You will not pay any service charges or fees to view, print or affix your e-signature to any Enrollment Document using the Signature Service.
  • You will be provided with an electronic link to a copy of the Enrollment Documents You electronically sign after all parties have affixed their e-signatures. You can also get free paper copies of the Enrollment Documents by contacting the Credit Acceptance Support Department at 1-800-634-1506.
  • After You have consented to this e-Sign Consent by clicking "I Consent" below, You can withdraw Your consent to execute the Enrollment Documents using an e-signature by clicking the "Withdraw Consent" button shown on each page of the Signature Service. Withdrawing Your consent at any time before You have executed all Enrollment Documents will result in:
  • You will no longer be able to view or execute any Enrollment Documents using the Signature Service;
  • The document history of all Enrollment Documents, whether or not executed by You prior to clicking the "Withdraw Consent" button, will be marked to indicate that You have withdrawn Your consent to this e-Sign Consent;
  • All other persons whose e-signatures are requested for any of the Enrollment Documents will be denied access to execute and/or view any of the Enrollment Documents, whether or not they executed the Enrollment Documents before You clicked "Withdraw Consent" and withdrew Your consent; and
  • By providing Your e-signature on the Enrollment Documents, You agree that You are legally bound by such Enrollment Documents and You are fully responsible for fulfilling all duties and obligations set forth in such Enrollment Documents just as though You had signed a paper copy of each such Enrollment Document with Your handwritten signature. Nothing contained in this ESign Consent shall alter the terms and conditions of any of the Enrollment Documents.
  • You will use your computer system to access the Signature Service and sign the Enrollment Documents. There are no additional specific computer requirements to use the Signature Service.
  • If You have any questions or concerns You wish to discuss regarding the Enrollment Documents displayed on the Signature Service for Your view and/or signature, or the content of any of the Enrollment Documents, please do not hesitate to contact the Credit Acceptance Support Department at 1-800-634-1506.
  • Acknowledge that You have read, understand and agree to this e-Sign Consent.
  • Agree that Your use of a keyboard, mouse or other device to click a button, signature box, or initial box to apply Your e-signature constitutes Your agreement to the terms and conditions of the Enrollment Documents as if You provided Your handwritten signature on the Enrollment Documents.
Dealer Enrollment E-Sign
Consent (Version 8/19)
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