More approvals. More cash flow. More profits.

Unlike traditional finance companies, we keep paying you AFTER you close the deal. With Credit Acceptance, you can get paid a piece of future collections - up to an 80% piece - through our Portfolio Program.

We pay on average $180 million a year of future collections to dealers enrolled in our program.

Watch our video “Credit Acceptance VS. The Competition” to see how we differ from the competition.


How our Portfolio Program works:

Through the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program, enrolled dealers receive an upfront cash advance for each contract and can receive a Portfolio Profit Express payment after closing a pool of 50 or 100 contracts. Once the total advance balance is repaid in the pool, dealers are eligible to receive Portfolio Profit payments of up to 80% of future collections.

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More cash flow for Independent dealers

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Credit Acceptance has helped thousands of independent car dealers like you expand their market share and inventory through increased cash flow. We offer competitive advances, same-day funding and multiple ways to get paid through our Portfolio Program, providing you with more avenues for cash flow and to help increase profit for your car dealership.


No more collections hassle for Buy Here Pay Here dealers

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Are you tired of tracking down customers for monthly car payments when you could - and should - be selling more cars and making more money for your business? Our auto finance program gives you the benefits of Buy Here Pay Here minus the collections hassle. Our goal is to help you focus on doing what you do best - sell - while we manage the collections. And the best part is, you get up to an 80% piece of those future collections! More money, less hassle.


More approvals for Franchise dealers

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If your franchise dealership is turning away potential car buyers due to their credit score, chances are you're missing out on deals. Our program gives you the opportunity to approve everyone for financing on any new or used vehicle, regardless of their credit history. More approvals = more car sales = more profits!


More profits for everyone...


Credit Acceptance helps more than 12,000 enrolled car dealers across the nation approve everyone for auto financing, regardless of their credit history. On average, we pay our dealers more than $180 million in Portfolio Profit each year.

...and your customers benefit, too!

With Credit Acceptance, your dealership can help car buyers with bad credit or no credit purchase affordable, reliable vehicles. Furthermore, since we report to the major credit bureaus, your customers' on-time payments can help improve their credit!


See how our Portfolio Program is changing the lives of enrolled dealers across the nation

  • Al & Abe Saad - Owners, Twins Auto Sales
    Detroit, MI

    It feels great to provide transportation to the community. Customers think they cannot get into a vehicle with their credit, but really they can with the Credit Acceptance program. Thank you, Credit Acceptance, for giving us this opportunity for great success.

  • Joe Kaisk - Owner, Magic City Motorcars
    Barberton, OH

    I opened my business in 1998 with about 15 different lenders and selling around 30 cars a month. Credit Acceptance not only saved my dealership, it’s allowed me to increase my sales. The program has been life-changing for me and my customers.

  • John Gleason – President, Automax Incorporated

    Credit Acceptance was able to take our Buy Here Pay Here business and make profitable deals out of it, both in the front and in the back… All of the sudden, we had cash flow, and cash flow enables you to do a great deal…We were able to sell a newer car…keep the customers happy…and expand our business.

  • Dan Reel - Owner, Reel's Auto Sales, LLC
    Orwell, OH

    Since we’ve enrolled with Credit Acceptance, we’ve seen substantial growth in our business - 25% per year. We’ve also been able to double the size of our dealership.

  • Troy Duhon- President, Premier Automotive
    New Orleans, LA

    We've been a Credit Acceptance dealer for more than 10 years, and we've helped so many people get back on their feet and re-establish their credit.

  • Jon Moore and Todd Stewart - Owners, Moore Stewart Ford

    The express checks as well as the portfolio profit checks from Credit Acceptance really made a huge difference in our ability to stay in business. Without Credit Acceptance, we would have had to make some monumental decisions. Credit Acceptance is the only reason we stayed in business.

  • Joshua Gomez - Owner of Joshua Motors
    Vineland, NJ

    This program is the opportunity of a lifetime and it is the best decision I ever made.

  • Lonzell Webb- Sales Manager, Mt. Moriah Auto Sales
    Memphis, TN

    Working with Credit Acceptance has grown Mt. Moriah Auto Sales to a point where we’re buying more cars and getting more customers.

  • Chris Buben and Tameka Buben - Owners, Ride Rite

    Credit Acceptance has truly impacted our lives. We coupled their program with a great customer experience and a quality product, and now we stand out amongst the competition.

  • Austin Vann- General Sales Manager of Steve Landers Auto
    Little Rock, AR

    With Credit Acceptance, we have increased our used car sales by over 10%. We prefer to use Credit Acceptance over other subprime lenders because they service our customers better and they also get us our money faster.

  • Mike Griffin- Owner, Used Car Manager of Zeigler Auto Group
    Elkhart, IN

    I would recommend Credit Acceptance to almost any size dealership. We can offer financing to all of our customers with most resulting in incremental sales that wouldn't have had otherwise.

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What happens when your dealership enrolls in the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program?


1. You'll be assigned to a Market Area Manager, who will serve as your long-term business consultant to help your dealership identify growth opportunities.

2. You'll have access to our Dealer Service Center (DSC), our team of funding experts designed to help you get the most out of the program.

3. You'll be able to easily structure deals and generate an approval on every new or used vehicle for every customer through our proprietary Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS®).

Ready to increase your approvals, cash flow and profit?