Dealer Review- Chris Buben and Tameka Buben, Owners of Ride Rite, Memphis, TN.

My name is Chris Buben and I'm Tameka Buben of Ride Rite Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.

We started out with about 15 cars on our lot, four employees counting myself, and it wasn't working. We weren't bringing in any money. I wanted to get into the subprime business, and I thought if I coupled Credit Acceptance with a really great customer experience and a good, quality product, I'd be able to stand out from our competition. I just went all in.

I really can't explain how much Credit Acceptance has impacted our lives. Where we're at now with an 80-90 car inventory and 14 employees- it's everything, (and we're now selling) about 60 cars a month.

Additionally, an opportunity has now presented itself for us to be able to open a second dealership. Our success has been even more than I would have imagined, and it's all because of Credit Acceptance and the success of the dealership. Credit Acceptance is definitely the best subprime company to work with.