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Welcome to Credit Acceptance.
We’re driving possibility.
Pre-qualifying won’t impact your credit score.
Looking to buy a vehicle? Welcome to possibility.
For over 50 years now, Credit Acceptance has been dedicated to helping hardworking individuals have the opportunity to finance a vehicle. More than 4 million, as a matter of fact. If you’re ready to purchase, let us help put you in the driver’s seat.
Get the “yes” before you get the car: Pre-qualify for financing.
Did you know you can get pre-qualified for auto financing regardless of your credit history? Our process only takes a few moments.

Once you get the thumbs up that you pre-qualify, we’ll match you to as many as three dealerships in the Credit Acceptance network in your area so you can find a dealer you like and a vehicle you love.
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Our monthly payment and auto price calculators can help you estimate a monthly payment or the purchase price of a vehicle that fits your budget.
Customer FAQ
Customer FAQ
Whether it’s about making payments, managing text alerts, or using the Customer Portal, here are the answers to your most common questions.
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Informative Videos
Check out our “Financing through Credit Acceptance” and “Car Buyer Credit Awareness Series” videos.
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Financial Education
ExtraCredit by Credit Acceptance is a financial wellness resource to help you take control of your finances.
The numbers speak for themselves.
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What drives customers to Credit Acceptance?
Early in life when I was 18 I got offered a lot of credit cards, and I didn't really understand the importance of credit and the role it would play in my life today and ultimately destroyed my credit. The work that Credit Acceptance does is truly making a big impact on people's lives. It definitely made a big impact on mine.
Cleveland Heights, OH
Credit FAQ
We needed a new car for our family, but didn’t believe anyone would give us credit. It meant a lot when Credit Acceptance gave us an approval for a reliable vehicle. Credit Acceptance treated us respectfully and with understanding to help us improve our financial (and emotional) situation.
Joe and Wendy
GrassLake, MI
Credit FAQ
I was happy to be financed. After a period of time and by making on-time payments, my credit score, it went up, and now it's at almost 700. I realize I'm blessed, and I am thankful for Credit Acceptance.
Roseville, MI
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What documents do I need to purchase a vehicle
20 May 23
What documents do I need to purchase a vehicle?
So you’re gearing up to purchase a vehicle and have been cruising down your list of car-buying to-dos. You’ve set a budget, narrowed down your options, and now you’re ready to take your soon-to-be ride for a test spin and, hopefully, off the lot.
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18 May 05
Get financed through an enrolled dealer.
It’s no secret that having a poor credit history can make getting approved for financing difficult. Credit Acceptance believes everyone deserves a second chance, which is why we enable dealers enrolled on our program to approve everyone, including customers with bad credit history or no credit history at all. Here’s how the program works.
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21 Nov 11
How to pay off your financing faster.
When purchasing a vehicle, most car buyers are focused on getting approved for a car loan or auto financing. With auto lenders and finance companies making credit to buy a car more accessible to borrowers, it’s possible for car financing terms to stretch out for years.