Get Financed through an Enrolled Dealer 

Man driving in new car

It’s no secret that having a poor credit history can make getting approved for financing difficult. Credit Acceptance believes everyone deserves a second chance, which is why we enable dealers enrolled on our program to approve everyone, including customers with bad credit history or no credit history at all. Here’s how the program works.


  1. Get connected with a dealer near you.
    Finding a dealer enrolled with Credit Acceptance has never been easier. Simply enter basic contact information into a short form, and your information will be shared with up to three car dealers in your area who are able to offer you a credit approval, even if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Click here to find a dealer on the Credit Acceptance program near you.

  2. Obtain credit approval for your next car.
    Once you get connected with a local Credit Acceptance dealer, you can get started on your credit approval by applying for and securing your financing at the dealership. Enrolled dealers have the flexibility to approve customers with bad credit or no credit, as well as those who have open Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies (subject to Credit Acceptance’s funding standards). Contact your local dealer on the Credit Acceptance program to learn more.

  3. Select your car.
    Participating dealers can offer credit approval on new and used vehicles of all types. This gives credit-challenged car buyers the flexibility to obtain vehicle financing on a reliable vehicle that best suits their needs and budget. The dealer will work with you to understand the type of vehicle you want, as well as work with your budget, to structure a contract that meets your needs.

  4. Rebuild your credit with on-time payments.
    Credit Acceptance reports to the three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — giving car buyers the opportunity to improve their credit scores and reestablish their credit history through on-time payments.


If you are in need of vehicle financing and would like to get started on your credit approval, Credit Acceptance can get you connected with a dealer near you.