3 Ways to Make On-Time Car Payments

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Staying on top of your car payments can be an important part of building and improving your credit.

When making payments on a car loan or auto financing, keep in mind that many creditors report your payment history to the three major credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If you miss a car payment or make a late car payment, it may negatively impact your credit.

Here are three ways you can stay on top of your car payments and other bills to avoid negatively impacting your credit:

  1. Know when your payments are due
    Writing out a list of your bills along with their due dates is a good way to keep track of when your payments are due. If you find that your payment due dates are scheduled for different times over the month, maybe set up a few days a month to make payments so each bill is paid on time or a little bit earlier.

  2. Devise a system for making payments
    While setting up automatic bill payments may improve your ability to pay on time, you may not be able to or want to pay everything automatically. For bills that you pay manually (the old-fashioned way), you can either: 1) pay the bill right away or 2) schedule a recurring time to review and pay your bills.

  3. Set recurring payment reminders
    Setting bill payment reminders on your calendar or on your phone is another way you can keep track of your payments. Whether you make payments automatically or manually, reminders can help notify you that it’s time to make a payment or check if an automatic payment has been made.

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