Auto Financing for Car Buyers with Bad Credit

happy man holds new car key fob

Having bad credit doesn't mean it's the end of the road for you and your car-buying journey. In fact, there are many car buyers with bad credit who qualify for financing on both new and used cars, with the help of finance companies like Credit Acceptance.

Whether you’ve been through bankruptcy, foreclosure or have late or missed payments in your credit history, there are lenders and finance companies that enable dealers to approve car buyers with any type of credit history.

If you have bad credit or no credit, knowing your financing options can help you determine the right move for your situation. In the words of author Marie Forleo, “Everything is figureoutable!”

For example, here are a few steps you can take to get approved for auto financing that best suits your car-buying needs.

  1. Shop around
    While you’re shopping for the right car, you should also be shopping for the right financing. The main providers of car loans and financing for consumers with poor credit history are banks, credit unions, finance companies and car dealerships that work directly with subprime lenders. More than 12,000 car dealerships across the nation are enrolled in the Credit Acceptance auto finance program to help car buyers with bad or no credit get approved for financing to purchase a vehicle. Click here to find an enrolled car dealership in your area!

  2. Go online
    Finance companies like Credit Acceptance make it easier for individuals with bad credit or no credit get approved for financing by a dealership. Once you fill out the Start Your Credit Approval form on our website, we’ll connect you with a car dealership in your area that can help you with your credit approval to purchase a vehicle. Just click here from your computer, phone or tablet to get started today.

  3. Find a car dealership
    Finding a car dealership with the right vehicles that fit your needs and budget can make a world of a difference in your car-buying journey. Credit Acceptance works with more than 12,000 car dealerships across the nation that offer credit approval for new and used cars. Once you fill out the form on our website, we’ll connect you with up to three enrolled dealers in your local area.

Bottom line: Buying a car with bad credit is possible. It’s all about finding the right car and auto financing for your situation. Ready to get started?