How Much Time Do You Spend in Your Car?

happy man drives car

For many folks, getting from Point A to Point B is a daily task — one that requires a quality, reliable vehicle. Between commuting to and from work, chauffeuring the little ones between school and extracurricular activities, taking trips to the grocery store, and running weekend errands, the amount of time we spend in our cars adds up. So, how much time is that, exactly?

According to a recent article, Americans spend an average of one hour per day in the car and approximately six percent of our waking hours in the car. A study by AAA found that American drivers make an average of 2.24 trips per day and adults between the ages of 25 and 49 (which mostly includes most parents of small children) tend to skew higher.

That’s a significant amount of time to spend in your ride, which is why vehicle lifespan and a regular car maintenance routine are key. Check out these articles for more tips!

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