Approved for Financing with No Credit

Smiling woman holding out car keys in new car

Maxing out your credit cards or having no credit history at all can put a dent in your credit score and make getting approved for financing more difficult. While credit problems like this can affect your ability to receive vehicle financing or auto loans, there are ways for you to not only receive credit approval to buy a car, but to also improve your credit score.

You can make that happen by applying for subprime auto financing, which is credit available to car buyers with bad credit or no credit established. Credit Acceptance has enrolled car dealers all around the country who offer subprime vehicle financing to car buyers in need of credit approval.

All you have to do is:


  1. Fill out this short form on the Credit Acceptance website.

  2. Get connected with up to three enrolled dealers near you.

  3. Visit one of the car dealers to find a car that’s right for you.

Once you’ve been approved for financing and purchase your vehicle, you can improve your credit score with on-time payments. To get started on your credit approval for your next car, get connected with an enrolled dealer today!