How to Keep Your Windshield from Freezing During the Winter

person scraping frozen windshield

Anyone who owns a car and lives in colder climates has, at one point or another, experienced the nuisance of walking to their car on a brisk, icy day to find their windshield frozen solid.

While most people in this scenario may opt to scrape the ice off their windshield and/or run the car with the heat blasting to melt the ice (which isn’t the most environmentally friendly method), there are ways you can prevent your car windshield from freezing over.

Effective Methods to Prevent Icy Car Windshields

According to, the following methods are proven to prevent ice from accumulating on your car windshield:

  • Wiping your car windshield with a homemade solution such as vinegar or salt and rubbing alcohol.

  • Cover your car windshield with a car cover, a piece of cardboard, carpeting, a plastic bag, or a towel.

  • Park facing East so your car can catch some heat from the morning sun.

  • Use your windshield wiper fluid to help melt the ice.

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