How to Move from Subprime to Traditional Auto Financing

Couple Holding Car Keys Of New Truck

During your recent car shopping experience, you learned that you qualify for subprime auto financing, likely due to some credit problems that may have impacted your credit score (i.e. bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, etc.). With some financial discipline and on-time car payments, you may be able to move on to traditional auto financing.

Here are a few ways you can do that may be able to help:


  • Pay your bills on time, every time.
    Making on-time monthly car payments can help you improve your credit. To help you stay on time with your payments, you can set up automatic payments and/or electronic reminders.

  • Keep balances low on your credit cards.
    According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, experts advise spending no more than 30 percent of your total credit limit.

  • Build your credit history.
    Your credit will likely improve as you continue building your credit history. Opening different types of accounts and paying back what you owe on time are a couple ways to improve your credit.

Credit Acceptance is a subprime auto finance company that reports to the three major credit bureaus. By making on-time monthly payments towards your vehicle financing, you have the opportunity to improve your credit.

If you’re someone with bad credit or no credit who is looking to get approved for financing, a dealer enrolled in the Credit Acceptance program can help you get started on your credit approval. Just fill out this short form on our website!