I Just Got Approved for Auto Financing with Bad Credit… Now What?

Couple Researching Auto Financing Options

Perhaps you’re someone who has recently gone through bankruptcy, or maybe you’re a recent college graduate with no credit history. As a result, you may be worried that your credit problems could potentially hinder you from getting approved for auto financing. But having bad credit or no credit doesn’t mean you can’t be approved for credit.

In fact, there are dealers nationwide on the Credit Acceptance auto finance program who can help car buyers with bad credit or no credit get approved to purchase a vehicle.

So, now that you know this – are you ready to take the next step?


  1. Go towww.creditacceptance.com/start-your-credit-approval

  2. Fill out the form on our website.

  3. Get connected with local dealers enrolled on our program.

  4. Visit a dealership near you and select your next car!

Once you’ve received your credit approval, you can move on to the next phase of the car buying journey, which includes:


  1. Choosing a car that falls within your budget.
    want to make sure you’re choosing a reliable vehicle that you can afford.

  2. Testing it out.
    Taking your potential car for a test drive allows you to thoroughly inspect the car and get a feel for everything it has to offer, from the features to the way it drives.

  3. Making a decision.
    Take some time and weigh your options before purchasing your vehicle.

  4. Staying on top of your monthly payments.
    Once you’ve made your purchase, you have the opportunity to improve your credit by making on-time car payments.

If you are still looking to get approved for auto financing and ready to purchase a vehicle, a dealer enrolled on the Credit Acceptance auto finance program can help! Fill out this secure form on our website to get started on your credit approval today!