The Right Car for Your Lifestyle

Woman leaning on car in the mountains

You’ve begun the car-buying process and have no clue about which type of car to purchase. Many folks shop for cars that will meet their daily and/or recreational needs. So our question is, what kind of lifestyle do you lead and what is the car for you? Let’s find out:

Simply put, you want an affordable car that will get you from point A to B. There are plenty of car dealers on the Credit Acceptance program who can help get you into a reliable vehicle that’s within your price range.

People with families usually need a car that’s safe, kid-friendly, spacious and comfortable. Minivans and SUVs like the Toyota Sienna and Ford Flex, for instance, are built with low-to-the-ground features, making it easier for smaller children to get in and out of the car and gives you space you need to transport your family.

If you’re someone who’s passionate about the environment, you may be interested in fuel-efficient cars like the Honda Insight, Chevy Bolt or Acura NSX.

Are you somewhat of a daredevil who enjoys living life on the edge? Then you might want to purchase a vehicle that’s tough enough to withstand your adventures on the road, like the Chevy Silverado, Ram 1500 and the GMC Sierra.

If you’re someone who typically enjoys the finer things in life (i.e. good food, travel, nice clothes, etc.), luxury cars might be more your speed. The 2019 Nissan Altima, for example, is a luxury sports sedan loaded with high-tech features including a Bose® premium audio system, remote engine start system with intelligent climate control, heated steering wheel and more.

If you’re currently in the car-buying market and need help getting credit approval for vehicle financing due to bad credit or no credit, find a dealer on the Credit Acceptance program to help you purchase a car. Just fill out this short form on our website to get started!