Different Trends of Male and Female Car Buyers

man and woman stand back to back in front of vehicle

Did you know that men and women have different car shopping habits?

Women Car Buyers

While women generally have an idea of what they’re looking for in a new vehicle, the car buying process typically takes longer for women than men, averaging around 75 days, according to a recent study. Additionally, the study found that women tend to be more utility-minded rather than luxury-focused when it comes to selecting a vehicle. In other words, they prefer vehicles known for their durability, reliability, and safety. Kia, Honda, and Nissan are a few brands preferred by women, according to the study.

Research from Cars.com also found that women are more practical in their car searches and are 44% more likely than men to buy a used car (39% versus 27%, respectively). Additionally, safety features like automatic emergency braking are more popular with women than men.

Men Car Buyers

Contrary to women, men are typically interested in newer, tech-focused features including smartwatch integration, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, according to Cars.com. Other details men look for while car shopping include engine size, transmission type, drive train, and suspension specifications. The study also found that men tend to prioritize aspiration and image over practicality, hence them veering more towards luxury features and brands.

Another recent study showed that one out of every five male car buyers knows exactly what he’s looking for, and most take up to 63 days to decide to buy a car, whereas women take 75 days.

Takeaways for Your Dealership

  • Male car buyers tend to prefer luxury and style and make quicker car purchases than women.

  • Female car buyers prefer reliability and safety.

  • While it’s good to keep these car buying preferences in mind, needs vary from person to person, so it’s always wise to listen and ask questions to gain a better understanding of what each customer is looking for.

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