How the Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program Can Help Your BHPH Dealership

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Unlike most new and used car dealerships, your buy here pay here (BHPH) dealership has a unique business model centered on providing in-house auto financing to credit-challenged car buyers. The Portfolio Program can help BHPH car dealerships improve cash flow and profitability for their business. We handle the collections so you can focus on what you do best – selling cars.


Rather than put up your own capital to finance a customer’s vehicle and manage the collections, your BHPH dealership can enroll in our program without having to worry about the underwriting or collections hassle.

The Credit Acceptance Portfolio Program allows your car dealership to:

  • Sell more cars and generate cash flow and profit for your dealership while we service and collect on the contracts.

  • Get paid multiple ways and receive up to an 80% piece of future collections.

  • Give your customers the opportunity to improve their credit with on-time payments, since we report to the major credit bureaus.

How does the Portfolio Program work?

Enrolled BHPH car dealers can get paid three ways through our Portfolio Program, to help them increase cash flow:

  • Receive an upfront cash advance.

  • Portfolio Profit Express (PPE) — When you cap a pool (a subset of your portfolio of 50 or 100 contracts), you are eligible to receive a PPE payment, which is a percentage of the expected future collections on all contracts in the capped pool.

  • Portfolio Profit — When the total Advance balance in the pool is repaid, 80% of net collections on all contracts in the capped pool is sent to you through monthly Portfolio Profit payments.

Unlike traditional finance companies, our Portfolio Program allows you to keep getting paid long after the deal is closed. This review from one of our enrolled dealers is a testament to how our program has helped independent and BHPH car dealerships increase their cash flow and profitability.



For the last 50 years, Credit Acceptance has been committed to helping BHPH, independent, and franchise car dealers sell more cars and make more money.


Last year, we paid enrolled dealers nearly $4 billion in total funding and more than $185 million in Portfolio Profit. If your BHPH car dealership is ready to approve more customers, sell more cars and make more money, fill out the form on our website to learn the benefits of becoming an enrolled dealer!

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