Qualities of a Subprime Finance Company 

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Subprime finance programs give dealers the opportunity to expand their customer base by being able to approve every customer, regardless of them having bad credit or no credit. If you’re a car dealer who’s looking to get into the subprime market, some key qualities to look for in a subprime finance company include:


  • The ability to address a market niche that the dealer’s current finance companies don’t meet

  • Credibility

  • Speed and consistency of funding

  • Education and training on the financing program

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Providing the dealer with qualified leads to grow its customer base

  • Effective communication with finance company representative

Credit Acceptance offers all of these things and more. Bottom line…we help dealers sell more cars and make more money. To learn how you can become an enrolled dealer on our auto finance program, visit the Dealer section of our website today.