Subprime Car Financing Can Help Your Dealership and Your Customers

car dealer shows customer a car

Do you want the ability to approve every car buyer? We can help your car dealership close more deals and get your customers into a new or used car, regardless of credit score!

Subprime financing is defined by the Corporate Finance Institute as financing “offered to individuals at an interest rate above prime, who do not qualify for conventional loans,” most commonly due to no or bad credit history. Subprime auto financing is also a way to help every car buyer purchase a new or used car that meets their needs, and help improve their credit with on-time payments.

Offering subprime auto financing can help your car buyers with credit challenges feel more comfortable walking into your car dealership. There are many reasons your customer may have credit challenges, such a new high school graduate that needs a car to get to college and has limited or no credit, or maybe “life happened” and there are unforeseen expenses, job loss, medical leave, or other scenarios that impacted their income. Every car buyer has their own story and having the ability to say ‘YES’ to every customer gives you the ability to help another person get to work or take their kids to school and activities.

What can Credit Acceptance offer you?

We offer TWO auto financing programs – the Portfolio Program and Purchase Program. These have a lot to offer; like same-day funding with eContracting, easy integration into Dealertrack® and RouteOne® and so much more! Ready to find out more? Check out all we have to offer here!

If you’re a franchise, independent, or buy here pay here dealership looking to change your customers’ lives while increasing your market share and selling more cars, Credit Acceptance can help. To enroll in our program, fill out the form on our website.