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At Credit Acceptance, we think everyone should be able to purchase a new or used vehicle as quickly and as easily as possible. Which is why, instead of seeing poor credit or no credit as a roadblock, we see possibilities of getting you into the right car for you and keeping you on the road.

With Credit Acceptance, these benefits go along for the ride.

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Our dealers can approve everyone.

Bad credit, no credit history, fixed or unemployment income and more—dealers enrolled with Credit Acceptance are able to approve everyone.
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Multiple ways to pay.

Whether it’s online, our Mobile App, by mail or in person, we offer a number of easy payment options to fit your needs.
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Build up your credit.

When you make on-time payments, every time, you maximize the opportunity to improve your credit score. Plus, we report to all 3 major credit bureaus.
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U.S. Based Customer Service Center

Contact us at 800.634.1506, Monday—Friday, 8 am to 11 pm Eastern Time and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.
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Financing for new and used cars.

Whether it’s that new car smell or used car charm, our enrolled dealers can finance both.
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Resources to help you budget and build credit.

From taking control of your finances to achieving long-term stability, our Financial Education resources can help you get on the road to success.

Welcome to our Car Buyer Resource Center

We’ve got valuable tools and resources to help buyers purchase a vehicle and learn about building credit. Check out our videos, blog articles and educational courses.
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How Does the Credit Acceptance Financing Process Work?
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Can I Buy a Car After Bankruptcy?
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What Factors Affect My Car Payments?
How to Pay Off Your Car Financing Faster.
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Tools to help you calculate your car payments.

Before you start looking for a vehicle, it’s a good idea to calculate what fits within your budget. Our calculators can help you estimate quickly.
Monthly Car Payment Calculator
Here’s an easy way to estimate the monthly payment on your vehicle.
Auto Affordability Calculator
How much car can you afford? It takes just a minute to find out.

What drives customers to Credit Acceptance?

When I got my first car, unfortunately I got into an accident with that car which caused me to file bankruptcy. Being able to get past all of this with bankruptcy, I'm thankful. And I'm more so thankful because Credit Acceptance allowed me to do that.
Credit FAQ
Early in life when I was 18, I got offered a lot of credit cards, and I didn't really understand the importance of credit and the role it would play in my life today and ultimately destroyed my credit. The work that Credit Acceptance does is truly making a big impact on people's lives. It definitely made a big impact on mine.
Credit FAQ
I was able to finance the car my wife and I fell in love with; and through on-time payments boost my credit at the same time. I would not have been able to make this purchase without Credit Acceptance.

Over 50 years of saying "yes"

A little over 50 years ago, Credit Acceptance was founded by car dealer Don Foss who felt everyone deserved an automobile, along with a way to finance one. Since then, we have welcomed 15K+ dealers into our network and have helped finance 4MM+ consumers. Got a minute? Watch the video.