The Credit Acceptance Corporation Customer Portal ("Customer Portal") allows you to enroll your Credit Acceptance account(s) in order to view your individual account information, make payments, and manage your account(s) via the internet. As used in this Agreement, the terms "Credit Acceptance," "we," "us," and "our," refer to Credit Acceptance Corporation. The terms "you" and "your," refer to each person registered for or using the Customer Portal.  


You will login to the Customer Portal through the Credit Acceptance Website and, therefore, your use of the Customer Portal is governed by the Credit Acceptance Website User Agreement and Privacy Statement, in addition to the following Customer Portal Terms of Use. Our Privacy Notice also explains how we use and share the personal information you provide to us through the Customer Portal. Please review all the applicable terms and conditions before you begin using the Customer Portal. In the event of any conflict between the Website User Agreement and Privacy Statement and these Customer Portal Terms of Use, the Customer Portal Terms of Use control.


General Terms


You must agree to the terms and conditions of use contained in this Agreement before you use the Customer Portal. To provide your express consent to these terms and conditions of use, click "I Agree." If there is any part of these terms and conditions of use that you do not agree with, click "I Disagree."

Whenever you use the Customer Portal, you agree to these terms and conditions of use, which we may update from time to time by posting the updated terms on the Credit Acceptance website or by sending you notice of the updated terms and conditions by email or regular mail. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are consenting to receive information, disclosures, and notices related to your Customer Portal enrollment electronically or at the email address you have provided. You also agree that we may use the Customer Portal to provide you with any communications or notices related to your Credit Acceptance account, including any annual Privacy Notices or other communications or notices required by law. After agreeing to these terms and conditions of use, you can use the Customer Portal to manage your contact preferences. However, as long as you are enrolled to use the Customer Portal, you may receive Customer Portal-related emails from us, such as in the event you forget your username or password, or when we need to send you a security-related email to protect your privacy. You therefore acknowledge that by using the Customer Portal, unsubscribing from emails will not stop these Portal account or security-related emails. You also acknowledge that if you use the secure payment technology service in the Portal to schedule automatic recurring payments to Credit Acceptance, you will receive emails confirming your recurring payment schedule(s) and any changes you make to your recurring payment schedule(s). You understand that in order to use the secure payment technology, you must consent to receive these notifications via email and that unsubscribing from emails will not stop these recurring payment schedule emails.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to these terms and conditions, stop all use of the Customer Portal and contact us to disenroll your account(s) from the Customer Portal. You can find our contact information on the Contact Us page of our website.



By using the Customer Portal you acknowledge that you understand and accept the risks associated with using the internet, such as risks of security breaches, transmission errors, and service interruptions. Information sent over the internet may not be secure. You understand and accept the risk that a third party may view or intercept the information you send us online or in our response(s), or in our electronic communications to the email address you have provided.


Accuracy and Availability of Site Information




            We will make reasonable efforts to provide accurate and current information through the Customer Portal; however, the Customer Portal may contain errors and may not always be current due to processing delays or for other reasons. By using the information provided in the Customer Portal you acknowledge that neither Credit Acceptance, its affiliates or subsidiaries, nor any of their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, or third-party service providers make any guarantee that the services offered in the Customer Portal will be timely, uninterrupted, secure, or error-free. You understand and agree that your access and use of the Customer Portal are at your sole risk.


            The information provided through the Customer Portal may be limited or unavailable for some accounts, and not all features of the Customer Portal may be available for your account. We reserve the right to determine the features and information provided for each account. We may change, restrict, suspend, or terminate any and all features of the Customer Portal at any time and for any reason other than a reason prohibited by law.


User Responsibility


You agree that the information you provide to us through the Customer Portal will be accurate, and it is your responsibility to keep your personal information up to date. You confirm that: (a) you can receive electronic communications using the email address you provided to us; and (b) you have computer equipment capable of viewing and printing electronic communications and any attachments. The minimum technical requirements to access the Customer Portal may change from time-to-time. To retain a copy of this Agreement and other terms and conditions available within the Customer Portal, you must have a printer and browser with print-screen capability. You may contact us to request a paper copy of this Agreement.


You must keep your Customer Portal username and password secure and change your password regularly. Please notify us immediately if you become aware of an unauthorized disclosure or use of your username and password, or if you suspect unauthorized activity on your account. Actions taken using your username and password will be treated as approved by you. We are not responsible for your errors or negligent use of the Customer Portal.


Electronic Payments


When you use the Customer Portal to submit one-time payments and to schedule AutoPay you will be accessing web pages hosted by our electronic payments service provider, Paymentus Corporation ("Paymentus"). When you use the Customer Portal to submit payments and schedule AutoPay, you are submitting your payment method information to Paymentus, and your payments are subject to the payment terms and conditions disclosed on the Customer Portal screens you use to submit payments and to schedule AutoPay. Please review those terms and conditions carefully. For a complete list of payment options, including any applicable fees and processing times, please visit   


No Waiver


We will not waive any of our rights and remedies under this Agreement unless such a waiver is in writing and signed by us. No delay or omission on our part in pursuing our rights or remedies shall be deemed a waiver of such rights or remedies or any other rights or remedies.


By making account information and services available to you through the Customer Portal, we are not waiving any of the rights and remedies granted to us in the retail installment contract you have with us or as may otherwise be available to us in accordance with applicable law. If your payment due information is not available in the Customer Portal, you are still obligated to make your contractual payment amount on or before your contractual due date, subject to any protections or modifications provided by law.


Resolving Disputes and Disagreements


Any Dispute, as defined in your retail installment contract, remains subject to the Arbitration Clause in your contract. To the extent there is a Disagreement related to these terms and conditions that is not a Dispute, as defined in the retail installment contract, the parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of State and Federal Courts for the County of Oakland, Michigan, United States, for the determination of any claim or controversy between the parties and arising out of or relating to these Customer Portal Terms of Use. Both parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Michigan Courts and waive any objections as to personal jurisdiction or as to the laying of venue in such Courts due to inconvenient forum or any other basis. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been made in the State of Michigan, United States of America, and shall be interpreted, and the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan, U.S.A., without regard to conflicts of law principles.




If any part of these terms and conditions of use is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provisions will be deemed superseded by valid, enforceable provisions that most closely match the intent of the original provisions of this Agreement, and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in effect.


Authorized Third Parties


            Non-Credit Acceptance Customers who have been authorized by a customer on an account to obtain account information, make payments, and schedule AutoPay ("Authorized Third Parties") may access the account on which they are authorized through the Customer Portal, provided they have an email address on file with Credit Acceptance. Authorized Third Parties are granted access to the Customer Portal at the discretion of the customer, and Authorized Third Party access to the Customer Portal may be revoked at any time by Credit Acceptance unilaterally or at the request of a customer.


Any customer on the account can remove an Authorized Third Party at any time through the Customer Portal or by contacting Credit Acceptance and asking us to remove the Authorized Third Party. If a customer removes an Authorized Third Party from the account, communications with the Third Party will stop and any AutoPay schedule set-up to withdraw funds from the Authorized Third Party's bank account or debit card will be cancelled.