What consumers should know

Credit Acceptance believes everyone deserves a second chance. If you need a car and are having trouble getting approved for no credit or bad credit auto financing, a dealer enrolled with Credit Acceptance can help. Our program is specifically designed to help credit-challenged car buyers. Below is some information about the Credit Acceptance Program.

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Credit Acceptance offers indirect auto financing.

Simply put, this means that you apply for and secure your financing at the dealership where you purchase the vehicle, as opposed to a direct auto loan that you get directly from a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union. Credit Acceptance does not provide financing directly to consumers or for private vehicle sales.

Participating Credit Acceptance dealerships are located in all 50 states.

You can apply for financing at participating dealerships all across the nation. Our program is used in all types of dealerships, including both independent and franchise car dealerships. To find a participating car dealer in your area, fill out the Find Your Credit Approval contact form and you will receive the names and contact information of three Credit Acceptance dealerships near you. 

Dealers enrolled with Credit Acceptance can approve consumers with temporary and ITIN income, open Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies (with court/trustee approval), and existing car loans.

Dealers enrolled with Credit Acceptance have the flexibility to approve customers with bad credit or no credit and may approve customers with open Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies (with court/trustee approval), subject to Credit Acceptance’s funding standards. Contact your local participating Credit Acceptance dealership to learn more.

Calling your participating Credit Acceptance dealership ahead of your visit may help facilitate the financing approval process.

To apply for financing at a participating dealership is easy. Just bring your down payment and proof of income to get started on your approval.

Nearly any vehicle works on the Credit Acceptance Program.

Participating dealers can offer an approval on used and new vehicles of all types. Visit your local participating dealership to select a vehicle that works for your needs and budget.

Most contract terms are set by the dealership.

Most contract terms, including minimum down payment amount, monthly payment, and the payment due date are set by the dealer and will vary based on the dealership you visit and the vehicle you select. The dealer will work with you to understand the type of vehicle you want, as well as work with your budget, to structure a contract that meets your needs.

Making on-time payments may improve your credit score.

Credit Acceptance reports to the 3 major credit bureaus, which means you have the opportunity to improve your credit score through on-time payments on your Credit Acceptance financing.