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About Us - Changing Lives Since 1972

Changing lives since 1972

Since 1972, Credit Acceptance has offered automobile dealers financing programs to help them sell vehicles to consumers, regardless of their credit history. These programs are offered through a nationwide network of automobile dealers who benefit from sales of vehicles to consumers who otherwise could not obtain financing; from repeat and referral sales; and from sales to customers who come into the dealership believing they have credit issues, but qualify for traditional financing. Further, we report to the three national credit reporting agencies, giving consumers an opportunity to improve their credit score and potentially qualify for more traditional financing.

Our company is unique. Enrolled dealers share in the cash flows from the contract, which creates an alignment of interests and is a critical element of our success. Dealers have an incentive to sell reliable vehicles that last the term of the contracts, as they benefit from those who successfully repay their contracts.

Credit Acceptance is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol CACC.

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