Car Buying for First-time Car Buyers 

Young Adult Male Smiling Holding Car Keys

Purchasing a car is a pretty major step — especially if you’re a first-time car buyer with no credit history established. If you’re new to the world of credit and financing, here are a few suggestions to consider before you begin the car-buying process:


  1. Learn the benefits of auto financing.
    The main advantage of financing a car over leasing one is that you’re ultimately paying to own the vehicle.

  2. Consider buying a used car.
    Although there’s nothing quite like that new car smell and shiny new paint job, the value of a brand new car depreciates the instant you drive it off the lot. With a pre-owned vehicle, you can get similar tech and safety features as a new car, but for a cheaper cost.

  3. Know your auto financing options.
    If you’re someone with bad credit or no credit established, it may be difficult for you to obtain credit approval. However, car dealers that are enrolled on the Credit Acceptance auto finance program can help you get approved for financing, regardless of your credit history.

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