Our Journey with Diversity & Inclusion

diverse working group

Credit Acceptance has always promoted fair and equal treatment of our team members by cultivating a Great Place to Work environment that brings positivity and awareness to our diverse team culture.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the tragic, public murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shed light on a much deeper issue that has plagued our nation for centuries: social injustice. With our Company comprising more than 50 percent of minorities, we knew we needed to provide an additional listening channel that brings awareness to the challenges and positive experiences of different races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and identities that our diverse team embodies.

A few initiatives we’ve implemented over the past couple of years include:

  • Inclusion Day
    A special day created for our team members to take personal time to celebrate and embrace their culture throughout the year.
  • Gender Pronouns
    To communicate a safe and welcoming environment and raise awareness about gender identity, we offer the option of adding gender pronouns to our email signatures.
  • Let’s Talk Podcast
    A monthly platform highlighting various cultural and social topics to bring more awareness and engagement amongst team members.

Our #1 goal is to ensure our team members feel safe, supported, and empowered, which is why we are continuously making strides to raise awareness and take action in our Company and community.