Sharing Our Diversity

diverse group of friends


Our stories and unique experiences are what make us different while connecting us at the same time. We frequently highlight one of our team members in a Share Your Diversity article featured on our Company’s community site. This provides a safe space for team members to share who they are while bringing awareness and a unique perspective to cultural topics that other team members may not be knowledgeable about.


Check out a few excerpts from previous Share Your Diversity stories below:

“My grandmother was a Cherokee American Indian. She raised me with many spiritual beliefs in life as well as the afterlife from her upbringing that I still apply to live today and with my family as well. Today I apply what I have learned about my heritage with those in my Credit Acceptance market. I am able to do this being that a large area of my market is in direct contact with Native American reservation land.” - Market Area Manager

“I was born and brought up in India. My family cultivated the Hindu principle of life in me, which is to honor myself, others and all living beings in this universe. Life is a pursuit of smiling through & through, gaining bigger and better perspective than my own self, serving others around me and knowing my own true self. My parents and guru taught me that love and joy is our very nature, but many times due to stress, ignorance or greed, we forget our true nature and act in ways that are not the best version of ourselves. The moment we become aware of that we regain our natural self again.” - Business Analyst, Senior

“I am half Puerto Rican and half Bangladeshi. My parents met in New Jersey and that’s where I was born. My father came to the U.S. in 1984 and eventually became a U.S. citizen. My mother was born and raised in New York, but her family is from Puerto Rico, and she also lived there for a few years during her childhood. Growing up, I was mostly around my mother’s side of the family, so I became fluent in Spanish. I know a few words in Bangla but not much to hold an actual conversation.” - Bilingual Internal Collector

“I remember our trips back to India when we would stay for a few months to visit family and explore different areas. My mother’s family lives by the water, so we got to see all the houseboats float by, and the fishermen come by for their daily hauls. I have a funny story about one time when I walked over to the steps that led to the water just to soak my feet. While looking around, suddenly, I started feeling stings on my legs. When I looked down there was a swarm of fire ants crawling up my legs. I started screaming and jumped into the water trying to get them off me. I didn’t know they could swim…so I yelled for my parents to come help. The people that were walking by just looked and laughed thinking I was some crazy American girl playing in the water. My dad and uncle finally came and helped get them off. So that was fun. Although a lot of my family has immigrated here to the states, I still have a lot of extended family in India. Unfortunately, I have not been back in over 10 years.” - Repossession Contractor Network Supervisor.