What We Embrace

profiles of many different colors

Credit Acceptance takes pride in providing ways for our team members to reflect, take time off and/or engage in activities that promote and bring better awareness to each other’s diverse backgrounds and culture. This is promoted in a way that creates acceptance and inclusion for all. We have implemented ways to do this through some of these initiatives.

Inclusion Day

Take a day off!

Inclusion Day provides a way for our team members to take time off to celebrate culture and diversity. It originated from our former CEO Brett Roberts listening to team members state the importance of celebrating Juneteenth. It made him realize that we should provide a way for all team members to celebrate and embrace their culture throughout the year. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee took it a step further and recommended a day that all team members could take off to celebrate and embrace their culture or others. We named it Inclusion Day. This day was named a Credit Acceptance Company holiday and many of our team members use this day to attend special heritage events, museums, parades, travel or just stay home and reflect on their culture or share their culture with others.

Gender Pronouns

Express Yourself!

When thinking about how we refer to each other every day, nothing may be more personal than our use of names and pronouns. In support of our PRIDE values, and to maintain and enhance our environment of inclusion at Credit Acceptance, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee brought awareness to the use of gender pronouns. The committee shared that adding pronouns to your email signature communicates a safe and welcoming environment, spreads awareness and encourages everyone to be mindful of gender diversity. Adding pronouns to your email is a personal (and optional) choice and should only be made if a team member feels comfortable expressing themselves in this manner.